Be a freelancer simply make dollars from interglobe (internet)

My self earning money from internet doing simple tasks from trusted sites, there are sites a lot. Should be scam too.

Just think before you start there should be much better sites available globally. My 50% monthly income comes from “Amazon mechanical turk”.

Unfortunately there’s no way to create new registration @ M-turk. They are not accepting international workers.

I personally asked their executives, saying new reg depends up on their marketplace needs. If marketplace needs we will invite you to continue registration for international workers.I don’t think its a real reason.

So we have to search another one, there’s no time to wait for Amazon.

Here is a platform “Microworkers”. Its a legit one in the global market. Its a platform having free of cost registration. Just log on to microworkers & earn cents in seconds. Please keep in mind ┬áthat don’t try to create multiple accounts they will block that kind of accounts, Only one pc with one IP(one internet connection provider/ ISP).

Will be come back soon……..please keep in touch. have a nice time.

Hello world!

I’m Rajesh from India. This blog is surely dedicated for those who need to catch something from the globe. I’ll share my best efforts through this page. Its not an easy task to achieve something from the globe.

So we need to come together. I’m really helpless to catch the globe without you (s). You & me have a couple of hands, it’s not worth to catch the globe.

Okay then lets start to connects fingers together, today or day after we have to catch the globe.